Coming soon: F2F Academy

Learn a few tricks from some of the best at F2F!

At, we are committed to building a community of the best Creators online today. We aspire to see every Creator have the opportunity to succeed and make money. Even after signing up, we want to continue to inspire Creators to create better and more engaging content. That’s a promise.

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Starting soon, F2F will begin offering all Creators the chance to learn what it takes to make the most out of their page with the F2F Academy. Learn the skills to take your page to the next level from F2F’s most popular and successful Creators.

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The practical skills the Academy will teach are aimed at making you a star Creator, like:

  • how to better engage with your Followers;
  • how to make more interesting content;
  • how to improve your brand;
  • how to better plan your content; and
  • how to optimise Twitter and Instagram.

Stay tuned for the launch of the F2F Academy and sign-up to learn all the skills that will make your Creator page shine!

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