Notice and Takedown

In the event the user (or third party) has doubts, suspicions, observations and/or findings in light of Article A.7 or Article A.8 of the Terms and Conditions, or if it has other (including more general) complaints in relation to materials published through the services, violations of applicable law or the agreement, it may report such to F2F by way of the Notice-and-Takedown form.
To report a profile or an individual post, click on the three dots in the top right of the post and select 'Flag this post'.
Alternatively, please send a report by e-mail to
Such reports should be as detailed as reasonably possible and may include, among other things:
A report or complaint submitted to F2F in accordance with this Article A.9 will under no circumstance relieve the user of any further obligations imposed on it by way of the provisions of Article A.8, such as any obligation to inform the police and/or other competent (investigative) authorities.
In the event the user is a consumer (and thus makes use of the services outside of the course of its business or profession), and is located in the European Union, the user can also submit its complaints to EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform. The ODR Platform can be accessed via
F2F will in no event be liable for measures taken in accordance with Article A.7, Article A.8 and Article A.9.