How do subscription plans work?

Subscription types determine how your followers can become fans. You can set a monthly price for each subscription type, which automatically converts to a total price when someone becomes a fan. To entice a fan to buy a more expensive subscription type, it is useful to offer these subscription types at a discount. You can do this by setting a lower price right away, or set a public discount for the subscription form after it expires. You can set your subscriptions per month here:

Why am I not on the explore page?

The Explore page is updated a few times an hour. Therefore, it may take some time before certain posts are published. Fear not, your post will appear if it meets the criteria of the Explore page: - The first photo or video in your post is free for everyone - Our moderated software determines whether a photo is 'R-rated' or 'Explicit'. Unfortunately we cannot override this.- The user indicates preference for women, men or all content.- There are of course thousands of Creators on F2F so to stay visible in the Explorer it is good to post new content regularly. Good luck and of course have fun on F2F.

How do referrals work?

On this page you can read all about the referrals:

Can I block a whole country from lurking?

At this time it is not possible to exclude certain countries from viewing your account. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How do I delete chat messages?

It is not (yet) possible to delete chat messages and chat conversations. However, you do have the option to archive chat conversations.

How do I change my username?

You can change your username here: Please note that you can only change your username once every 30 days.

Where can I find my referral link?

You can find your referral link here: under the ''referrals'' button.

How do I delete content/media files from my media library?

You can delete media files from your media library by selecting the media (clicking open) and then pressing the trash can. Please note that if you are still using the media in a post that you must delete the post first.

How can I block or unblock someone?

Of course, you can block people when a conversation doesn't feel right or for other reasons. You can block someone by looking up the User or Creator in the chat. Then click on this person's profile picture or name in the chat screen. You will now enter the menu to block or ban the person completely.

Can I post anonymous (faceless) content?

You can post anonymous content where your face is not clearly visible. Please note that your identity must always be known to F2F in order to post content. We never share this information. It is up to a Creator to prove that he/she/they is the person featured in the content. Should any doubt arise, we may ask you to provide proof of the origin of the posted material.

How do I delete my Creator account?

Sorry to hear that you want to close your account on F2F. Since you are a Creator, we need to verify a few things: If you have active fans with subscriptions, they may want to reclaim those subscriptions if you cancel your account because the Fans did not receive what they paid for. Because of this, we cannot pay you before the refund period has expired. So payout will only take place after 90 days from now, minus all refunds and chargebacks.The other option is that you cancel all your payment plans at fans will then not be able to subscribe, current subscribers can still view your content but will slowly leave because they won't see any new content. Please let us know which is your preference and if there is anything we can do to make you stay with us! You can submit your preference at We will certainly help you deactivate your account, but would much rather see you stay. With your feedback (whether you decide to stay or leave) we can improve F2F.

Do you have an option for cams or video calls?

Currently, we do not have an option of videocalls or livecams. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you at this time if and when we will add such a feature. Please note that we do not recommend offering these types of services outside of F2F. We cannot guarantee security in cases that take place outside the platform.

Can I give multiple trials to the same fan?

No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give fans access to a trial multiple times. Each user can only use your trial once.

Can you give a shout-out on your social media?

It's ofcourse possible to get a shout-out on our social media channels! You can get a shout-out in two ways, provided you meet the following conditions. 1. You can tag us yourself in your stories on Instagram. 2. Do you want a Shoutout from us? Then make sure you can check off the following conditions: - You are fully verified ( a purple check mark behind your name on F2F)- Mention your F2F link in your Linktree. Do you meet these conditions? Then send us 2 (not too bare) pictures and mention your instagram profile, so we can tag you of course! :) You can email this to stating 'Shoutout'. Please be aware that we have a waiting list at the moment. So we cannot tell you exactly when it's your turn.

Can I share my WhatsApp/Snapchat?

Unfortunately, we prefer not to. F2F's core values are being safe, open and transparent. We can guarantee security within our platform but we cannot intervene on other platforms not affiliated with F2F. We therefore advise our Creators to only use the many features F2F offers such as the messenger.

Are lotteries/spin the wheel actions allowed?

We appreciate the creativity of our Creators. Spin the wheel promotions are allowed under certain conditions. No lottery tickets or tickets may be sold through the tip system. Also, the prize may never be a physical meeting or a date. However, a prize may be a video or photo.

Can I advertise other adult sites?

Unfortunately, F2F is not meant to used as an advertising channel for other social engagement platforms or to share links to pages outside F2F.

Are collabs allowed?

Sure! It is allowed to set up collaborations. Keep in mind that you should always be able to send a signed Model Release Form when requested by F2F. This is a form that sets out agreements about the placement of the content and includes a signature and copy of proof of identity of both parties. You can easily set it up using the SecureModel app that you can download to your phone. It is important to have your records in order before posting content with third parties.


Can I ask for tips as a form of payment?

No. The tipping system is intended to show extra appreciation. Thus, it is not permitted to sell additional services or products by charging users through the tip system.

How can I add my bank account for payouts?

You can add or change your bank account for payouts here:

Why hasn't my bank account for payouts been approved yet?

There could be several reasons why your bank account for payouts has not yet been approved. It could be that you have not yet provided all the information. The name of your bank account must be exactly the same as on your ID card. So it is not possible to link the bank account of your friend, girlfriend or neighbor. Do you have a business bank account? In that case we need to convert your account to a business account first. We can arrange this for you if you e-mail your company name and KvK number to Did you fill in all data correctly? It can take up to 3 work days until the bank account is approved.

What does my accountant need to manage my finances properly?

Your bookkeeper only needs the self-billing invoices to do your bookkeeping. You can download these invoices here:

What does pending balance mean?

Your current balance includes all payments made in less than 7 days. We always hold these payments for exactly 7 days after which they are automatically transferred to your "available" balance. We do this as a safety precaution so that we can issue refunds or chargebacks when necessary. When amounts are in your available balance you can have them transferred to your checking account.

Where can I find my self-billing invoice?

You can find your self-billing invoices here: You will also receive this invoice by email around the 10th each month.

Why can fans perform chargebacks?

First, let's reassure you immediately: nobody can just request a refund at Having said that, unfortunately, we do have to deal with a phenomenon that every platform has to deal with: chargebacks. We are happy to explain this to you briefly. When a fan wants to buy content from you, they can do so with several payment methods. The most important ones are credit cards and iDeal/SEPA. We explain the main differences.Credit cardCredit card payments can be charged back by a user by filing a complaint with their credit card company. This can be done for any payment. Fortunately, credit card companies allow us to object to this. We always do that for the Creator. As a result, credit card companies only accept a chargeback if the cardholder can prove their card or details were stolen.iDeal/SEPAPayments for tips, unlocking content in your feed or the Messenger, and buying a new subscription are always made through direct payment via the user's banking app. This payment can never be charged back. The renewal of that subscription is then debited through SEPA. This is where it gets annoying for you as a Creator. Banks always offer the option to charge back automatically debited amounts. Log in to your banking app, and you will see that you can do this for your telephone subscription, for example.Annoying, of course, because as a Creator, you delivered. Even more annoying is that there is no system like with a credit card where we can provide proof that the payment was justified. We, like other platforms, really can't do anything about this because this is the law, and this is not processed via, but via the bank. But, of course, we do have measures to prevent this. For example, we block users who do this, and they can only use the platform again after they have paid the payment they have reversed. Then, of course, you will receive that money, as it should be.Why do you automatically renew subscriptions?We can imagine that your first thought is, 'Well, if it's that easy to charge back via SEPA, just make sure subscriptions don't automatically renew if no credit card is used.' We deliberately do not do this: of every automatic renewal that is charged back, 9 are not. You would really miss out on money if we changed this. Hopefully, we have been able to alleviate your concern a bit. In short: just asking for a chargeback is not possible; if it happens, it is due to the law and, unfortunately, not to us, but we will do everything we can to collect your money while at the same time trying to automate your subscriptions as easily as possible (read: earn more money).

What does available balance mean?

Your available balance is your net balance. So you get this amount paid into your bank account. The current balance is all payments made in less than 7 days. We always hold these payments for exactly 7 days after which they are automatically transferred to your available balance. We do this as a safety precaution in order to issue refunds or chargebacks when necessary.

What should I do if my payout is on hold?

Oh my, there could be several reasons that your payout is on hold. Please email us at so we can help you resolve it as soon as possible.

Why can I only be paid out through Yoursafe?

Creators outside the EU currently only have Yoursafe as a payout option. Does this apply to you? Then you will need to create an account with Yoursafe in order to receive payments. Have you previously had an account but live within the EU? Please email us at We can create a new merchant so you can get paid through Online Payment Platform.

Can I receive VAT retroactively?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund the VAT retroactively. So it is important to sign yourself up for VAT as soon as possible so we can pay out the VAT to you. You can register for VAT here:

What about VAT (Value Added Tax)?

Everything you need to know about payments and VAT can be found here:

How do I adjust my payout (payout interval)?

You can adjust the payout interval (how often and when do I get paid) under the ''earnings'' button in your menu. Next to the overview current and available balance is a ''V'' arrow. When you click this you will be taken to the screen to adjust the payout interval.


Can I have multiple accounts? Why was my second account rejected?

It is not possible to have multiple Creator accounts. So you can have a maximum of one active Creator account at F2F. Did you have an account before but had it deleted? Please send an email to with the motivation for wanting to start as a Creator again. We will then help you further.

How can I get verified (purple badge)?

We also do a manual check, besides the KYC one. We use an image of the Know Your Customer procedure and compared this with photos on your F2F account. In some cases, we cannot determine that it is indeed you in your current photos on your F2F account. This happens when all your content is faceless. Perhaps you can send some pictures with characteristics found on the images on your F2F account and send an e-mail to so that we can fix this. Once you are manually verified you will get a 'purple badge' behind your profile. Fans, Followers, and Creators will know that you are the real deal and that they can trust you. Oh by the way, please don't send us a copy of your ID. This is not allowed by law and we have no other option to delete your message.

How can I migrate my content from OnlyFans?

Create a trial link for your OnlyFans account through your OnlyFans subscription settings. (Scroll to the bottom of the page, here you will find a button called create new trial link). Share both your OnlyFans username and the trial link you just created on this page: All your posts (with photos, videos, descriptions and likes) will be imported by us and saved as draft posts. We'll send you an email with further instructions when the import is complete. This will explain how to view the posts and then share them with your followers and fans on F2F.

User Questions

Where can I change my email?

You can change your e-mail here:

Where can I add a payment method? What payment methods do you accept?

The payment methods that we offer depend on the country you're in. We offer Visa and Mastercard in (almost) all countries. The current payment options for other countries are: iDeal (Netherlands) Bancontact (Belgium) Sofortbanking (Germany) We are constantly adding payment methods to give you the most efficient and easiest possible choice. In order to manage your payment methods, log in to F2F, click on your profile icon on the top right corner if on desktop or the bottom right corner if on your mobile and click on 'Payment methods'. You can now edit and delete existing payment methods or add extra payment methods.

How can I change my preference at the explore page?

The Explore is a great place to discover new Creators. You can adjust your preferences for the Explore via the filter button. The filter button is found to the right of the search bar at the top of the Explore.

How do I delete chat messages?

It is not (yet) possible to delete chat messages and chat conversations. However, you do have the option to archive chat conversations.

Where can I report a post?

To report a specific post you can use the report button. You can find it under the ''share'' button in the post. You can also send the post ID to us at The post ID can also be found under the "share" button in the post.

Why do I have to pay if i don´t have access to the content? (chargeback)

You may find yourself in this situation when a direct debit has failed. The subscription will continue but you have not paid for it. As soon as you make the payment you will be able to access the content again. If the subscription has already expired, you can become a fan of the Creator again after payment.

Where are my Pay per Message chats stored? (chat)

Currently, you can only find the Pay per Message post you purchased in the corresponding chat conversation. So these posts will not appear in the menu under saved/paid posts.

Why was I charged again?

By definition, a subscription is a regular thing. That means you also have to pay for your subscription every period (week, month, day, year) every time you receive your content. Take a newspaper subscription, for example. You continue to receive and pay for the newspaper until you cancel it. To cancel your subscription to a Creator, go to their page and press the ''unfan'' button.

How can I stop a subscription/unfan?

We're so sorry to hear that you want to cancel the subscription 😭 If you want to stop the subscription, go to the creator's profile and then press the ''unfan'' button.

I didn´t receive my verification code

We're so sorry that the verification process is not working for you. Please check your spam folder in your mailbox. It could be that the e-mail has disappeared in there. Is it still not working? Try creating an account with another e-mail address.

How can I post videos as well? (How can I become a Creator?)

How nice that you also want to become a Creator at F2F! To become a Creator you can create an account at F2F and once you are logged in via the button ''become creator'' create a Creator account. Keep your ID and cell on hand, in a few simple steps you can create the Creator account.

How can I send files to Creators?

We hope you understand the need to protect our Creators from unsolicited, explicit material. Just imagine how much stuff they would receive if there were no filter on this. For this reason it is currently not possible to send unsolicited photos. However, we are currently working on a system where the Creator himself can choose whether he wants to receive photos. Please be patient.

Why can't I chat?

It is only possible to engage in chat conversations with Creators for whom you are a paying fan. Other verified Creators may also engage in chat conversations with one another. If you are indeed a paying fan but still cannot engage in chat, it is possible that the Creator has blocked your access.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

We're so sorry to hear you're unable to reset your password. Did this email come to soon and did it all work out in the end? Ignore us. If not, continue reading. First, try resetting your password using the following link: Did you not receive an e-mail? Check your spam folder. Still no resetting link? Ugh, technical issues are the worst, right? Please contact us again so we can take a look at your problem.

I made a purchase, but I don't have access to the content.

In some instances it can take a bit longer to process the payment. In that case, getting access to the purchased content can take a while. Always give it at least 15 minutes before you panic. Most of the time you’ll get access within that amount of time.

What should I do if I made a payment through the tipping system but haven't received anything?

Our tipping system is meant solely to show Creators how much you appreciate them. So it’s not to be used as a main paying system for services or products. It’s purely meant as an extra token of appreciation. Are you expecting a video or picture in return, ask the Creator to send you a paid message so you can pay for the content.

What is the difference between a purple and a blue badge (checkmark)?

We use different badges (checkmarks) at F2F. Spot a purple badge behind the name of a Creator? This means we've checked the identity of the Creator. A light blue badge shows you that it is a wellknown person, like a celebrity, adult star or celebrity. The light blue family badge is reserved for our ambassadors

How do I delete my account?

We’re incredibly sorry to hear that our platform doesn't quite appeal to you. Of course it is possible to delete your account. You can easily do this by going through the following steps: Log in to F2F with your username and password. Click on your profile image in the top right corner if you are on your laptop or, in the case of mobile, in the bottom right corner. Then go to settings and click on ''delete account.'' After entering your password, the account is deleted. You must go through these steps so we can make sure you are who you say you are. Please note, all current subscriptions will be automatically terminated. So we will not charge you anymore but you will not get a refund for subscriptions that have already been running. Furthermore, you will lose access to any exclusive content you may have purchased. Thanks for your interest in F2F and hopefully we will see you again, some day.

Can I get a refund?

We’re sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your purchase from the Creator. F2F is a platform that allows Creators to be involved and connect with their Fans by making all their content available. This content can be free, sometimes it’s purchased via an one-time payment and some content is part of an ongoing subscription. All applicable interactions between Fan and Creator are within the agreement the Fan has with the Creator. F2F acts only as an intermediary. The general rules and conditions of this agreement are available on our F2F page. F2F facilitates and does its best to give both Fan and Creator the best possible 'experience’. It can of course always happen that a Fan is unsatisfied with the content he or she has paid for, but this is almost always a matter of taste. Just like a movie you've seen at the cinema can be unbelievably disappointing or a book you've just bought ends up in the trash immediately after the first ten pages. Just like a movie theater or a bookstore, F2F doesn’t do refunds after you have already consumed the content. In any case, please note that you can always cancel your subscription by going to the Creator's page and clicking the unfan button. With us, entering into a subscription is at your own risk, since it’s your money. In addition, it is also your right to cancel at any time. However, a refund is most likely not going to happen.