Terms & Conditions

Below PDF document contains the general terms and conditions of F2F B.V., with its principal office located at Keizersgracht 520 H, 1017 EK in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and registered with Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, under registration no. 83805753 hereinafter: "F2F").
The general terms and conditions of this document (hereinafter: "Terms and Conditions") will apply to all agreements involving the provision by F2F of access to the F2F platform, provided through the domain name f2f.com, f2f.net and any related subdomains, and ancillary services between F2F and users of the F2F platform both acting within and outside of the course of their business or profession.
These Terms and Conditions are divided into several modules. Module A will apply to all agreements between F2F and its Users, Module B and Module C will apply to specific types of Users. In the event of contradictions between the different modules, the most specifically applicable module will supersede.
Version 1.0 | January 2022