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Mental Health Support

Challenges for adult Content Creators

As a content creator, particularly as an adult content creator, you face various challenges that can impact your mental health, including:


Negative comments

Discrimination based on gender

Pressure of constant posting



Negative comments

Discrimination based on gender

Pressure of constant posting


A Word of Encouragement for Content Creators

Welcome to F2F.com, where we not only celebrate the beautiful and exciting world of content creationbut also acknowledge that this industry comes with its own challenges, especially for those creatingadult content. We understand well the impact of creating online content on a daily basis and recognizethat producing adult content can bring additional difficulties.

Lets get you equipped for the bumps along the road


A Judgment-Free Zone

  • We understand that some support professionals may find it challenging to assist creators. However, remember, if you're doing this work against your will or finding it hard to stop, there is always help available. This also applies to creators who want to continue in this profession and still need support.


Concrete Help and Support

  • We understand that 'just taking a beach walk' is not always the solution.
  • Pineapple Support
  • Sekswerk.info - Complaints desk
  • Violett - Medical and social assistance for sex workers
  • 113 Suicide Prevention
  • Mind - National Association for Mental Health


Less punitive algorithm

  • We are here to support you. Learn more about our collaboration with Pineapple Support and what content creators expect from brands and platforms:
  • Less punitive algorithm
  • Transparency and fewer changes in algorithms
  • Built-in resources for mental health

Educational Resources



  • 75% of Content Creators Are Stressed Out - Here's what helps

  • The Dark Side of Being a Content Creator


  • Adult Content Creator Gabriel Cross - Let's Talk: Mental Health

  • Is OnlyFans Bad for Mental Health?


  • Podcast: In het Hoofd Van - Empathizing with mental issues

  • Dr. Alex George: Love Island, OnlyFans, Mental Health, and Living

Learn more

Our Safety and Security Measures

Safety is our Top Priority

F2F.com is proud to create a safe environment for creators and fans to share content and connect with each other. Safety is our top priority and we share the responsibility to keep our creators safe and happy, because happy creators create happy fans. 
That's why we actively work with Pineapple Support and help them provide help at any time - be it through contact with like-minded people or professional support when someone is having difficulties or just wants to talk.

We fight for a Robust platform

When it comes to unwanted content, we want to make sure we have a robust system in place. Our platform is equipped with numerous visible and invisible measures to prevent such content from being uploaded or seen by our users. We are continually working to improve these measures, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to your safety.

We Support Pineapple Support

Pineapple Support is the market leader in supporting the adult content industry, and we are proud of our close collaboration. This way we can always be there for our creators - not just in good times, but also when things get difficult. As a platform, we believe that a good support network is essential and we promote and encourage reaching out whenever you feel the need to talk to someone.

F2F sponsors ASACP's mission.

As proof of this, we proudly sponsor ASACP, a globally recognized organization that fights every day to keep the Internet clean. It's all part of our unwavering promise to make the internet a better, safer place for everyone and to help you get the most out of your content. If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback or just want to talk, get in touch. We are there for you. Always.