Help and FAQ

Where can I find my subscriptions and how can I manage/cancel them?

In order to see your subscriptions, log in on F2F, click on your profile icon on the top right corner if on desktop or the bottom right corner if using your mobile. Click on 'My subscriptions' to access all your subscriptions. Click on any subscription to see the details.

To cancel a subscription go to the Creator you would like to unsubscribe from and click on 'Unfan' on the top of the creator page.

Your subscription and content to exclusive Follower-only content of this Creator will be valid until the date mentioned on the subscription detail page. Please note that after that date you won't be able to access this Follower-only content or messages with the Creator.

Which payment methods do you offer?

The payment methods that we offer depend on the country you're in.

We offer Visa and Mastercard in (almost) all countries.

The current payment options for other countries are:

iDeal (Netherlands)

Bancontact (Belgium)

Sofortbanking (Germany)

We are constantly adding payment methods to give you the most efficient and easiest possible choice.

Why do I need to pay VAT?

VAT or Value Added Tax is a tax levied on services bought on F2F. Since the VAT rate depends on your country of residence we show the VAT rate on top of the subscription rate as defined by the Creator you want to follow. You have to pay the combined amount which is specified on the payment page. The Creator does not get this VAT, it will be paid directly to the appropriate local tax authority.

Where can I manage my payment methods?

In order to manage your payment methods, log in to F2F, click on your profile icon on the top right corner if on desktop or the bottom right corner if on your mobile and click on 'Payment methods'.

Once there, you can now edit and delete existing payment methods or add extra payment methods.

How can I delete my account?

Oh no, we hate to see you go!

But if you must delete your account, please first login, click on your profile icon on the top right corner if on a desktop or the bottom right corner if on your mobile, go to settings and click on 'delete my account'. Please enter your password and your account will be deleted.

Please be aware:

If you have any active subscriptions, these will be canceled. We won't charge any further, but you will not receive any money back for current subscriptions. You will lose access to all exclusive content and any content you may have previously purchased.

If you're a Creator and you want to leave, send us a message and we will assist you.

When and how do I report an account

In the event the user (or third party) has doubts, suspicions, observations and/or findings in light of Article A.7 or Article A.8 of the Terms and Conditions, or if they have received other (including more general) complaints in relation to materials published through the services, violations of applicable law or the agreement, it may report such to F2F by way of the Notice-and-Takedown form.

To report a profile or an individual post, click on the three dots found at the top right of the post and select 'Flag this post'.

Alternatively, please send a report by e-mail to

Such reports should be as detailed as reasonably possible and may include, among other things:

  • the nature of the infringement or violation;
  • the precise location (on the F2F website) where the material in question is located;
  • any grounds to believe that the user that submitted the material was not allowed to do so; and
  • the account name and identity of the user that submitted the material in question.

A report or complaint submitted to F2F, in accordance with this Article A.9, will under no circumstance relieve the user of any further obligations imposed on it by way of the provisions of Article A.8, such as any obligation to inform the police and/or other competent (investigative) authorities.

In the event the user is a consumer (and thus makes use of the services outside of the course of its business or profession), and is located in the European Union, the user can also submit its complaints to EU Online Dispute Resolution Platform. The ODR Platform can be accessed via

F2F will in no event be liable for measures taken in accordance with Article A.7, Article A.8 and Article A.9.

What to do if I suspect my account has been accessed by someone else?

If you suspect that anyone accessed your account it's best to change your password. You can do so after logging in by clicking on the profile icon on on the top right corner if on desktop or the bottom right corner if using your mobile and clicking on 'Settings'. If you need any assistance or suspect your information is compromised, don't hesitate to contact our support staff: send us a message and we will assist you.

I have a question about a transaction/payment

Please send us a message about the transaction and provide the transaction reference that is displayed on your bank or credit card statement. Please also provide the profile name of the Creator the transaction is regarding. We will help you sort it out as soon as possible.

To contact our support staff, click on the (?) HELP widget in the bottom right corner to send us a message.

What to do if I suspect my account has been accessed by someone else?

If you suspect that anyone accessed your account it's best to change your password. You can do so after logging in by clicking on the profile icon on on the top right corner if on desktop or the bottom right corner if using your mobile and clicking on 'Settings'. If you need any assistance or suspect your information is compromised, don't hesitate to contact our support staff: send us a message and we will assist you.

What to do about unwanted or hurtful messages?

We aim to offer our community of Creators and Followers a safe space. Respect is key. Please report unwanted or hurtful messages here and we will look into it. To contact our support staff, send us a message and we will assist you.

What about my privacy and my personal data?

At F2F we care about your privacy. We use state of the art technology to keep your personal data safe and secure and your privacy... private. Please see our privacy statement for details on how we protect you and your personal data.

What are the community guidelines and terms of F2F?

F2F aims to be a safe, open, and transparent space for Creators and Followers. In order to do so we have some guidelines on how to act and interact with others. Respect is key. You can find our terms here.

What is the agreement between a Follower and Creator?

F2F helps Creators reach their Followers and for Followers to enjoy the content that Creators have to offer. Please see our general terms for details on the agreement between a Creator and a Follower.

I am unable to login to my account

If you use Twitter

If you're unable to login using your Twitter account, please go to to request a new password for your account.

If you use your F2F Account

If you have trouble logging in using your F2F account, please go to our password reset page, enter the e-mail address you used to sign up for F2F. A password reset link will then be sent to your e-mail account. If you do not receive an e-mail after five minutes, please check whether this is the e-mail address used to set up your account. If that is the case, contact our support staff, click on the (?) HELP widget in the bottom right corner to send us a message.

How does the messenger work and how do I stay in touch with my Followers?

One of the best ways to increase your profit on F2F is by boosting sales using direct messages. By doing this you create a stronger bond with your Followers and Friends, promote customer loyalty, and increase your profits!

Either send your Followers messages individually or in bulk, reply when they tip you or when they send you a nice message. You can also use the messenger to send tip requests.

We are working hard on even more ways for you to make money with the messenger and to make communication with your Followers easier and much more fun. Stay tuned!

How do I promote my account on other socials?

Social Media like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are important to build your brand, engage fans and monetise your influence on F2F. Every social media platform has it's own rules and regulations.

Twitter, for example, is lenient when it comes to adult content, so if you're promoting explicit content, Twitter can be a great option for posting teasers without fear of being deleted or kicked off the platform. Instagram, on the other hand, can be used to help promote yourself without getting too explicit. That’s one of the reasons why branding yourself is so important – with the right branding, your content will appeal to your audience no matter if you’re going soft or hardcore.

It's also worth it to consider recycling content across all of these platforms to encourage your fans to follow you on all your social media pages. Taking a screenshot of a Twitter post and sharing it on Instagram is a great way not only to get double use of just one post, but also to connect your Instagram followers to your Twitter account, encouraging them to follow you there as well.

How do I use hashtags and why should I?

Hashtags are the best way for your Followers to instantly see what you're about to show them. They're also great for your Followers to find content on your profile or find you on the Explore page. It's important to use relevant and specific hashtags.

How does Explore work and how can it help me make more money?

Tired of only using Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to encourage your fans to become a Follower and pay for your content?

F2F is filled with Followers of all sorts. Now it's time to show them what you've got.

It all starts with using relevant and specific hashtags for each post.

We know what our visitors want. Is it #voyeurism they are looking for? A dash of #amateur? #twinks? #bdsm? We got you covered.

Once we know what our users like, we can show them more of what they want. Our explore algorithm makes them beg for more. Tease them with some free content and they'll stay (and pay) for the main course.

What statistics do you offer for Creators?

Being a successful Creator is a numbers game. You want to know how much you earn and you need to know which posts work best. Well, we have it all covered:

Total earnings: What your total earnings are.
Netto payout: What your payout is going to be.
Next payout date: When you can expect your next payout.
Payout buffer: What amount is kept as a buffer for cash backs.

Subscriptions: How much of your earnings comes from Follower Subscriptions.
Pay Per Post: How much of your earnings comes from Pay per Post.
Tips: How much you make in tips.
Referrals: How much money did your make from referrals.

Friends: How many Friends have view your page in total.
Change last month: How many Friend views you gained/lost in the previous month.
Earnings: How much money you made from your Friends.

Followers: How many followers you have
Change last month: How many Followers you gained/lost in the previous month.
Earnings: How much money you made from your Followers.

We've got lots more in store for you, keep an eye on your stats. We just started and are still collecting data that will give you even more information in the future. All of which will help you keep your Friends and Followers happy.

How to start on F2F and grow your personal brand?

In the world of adult influencers, brand is everything. Building the brand that is called YOU can be hard, but rewarding work. You need time to find the right balance between teasing and showing what you have. Be yourself. Authenticity is key to the success of any F2F profile and finding the right content that you’re most comfortable uploading is the first step to success. If you’re uncertain what niche is best for you, ask yourself – what am I most passionate about? This question can help guide the content that only you can create. If it’s truly special, well, that comes with audience loyalty. No matter what you decide to create make sure it's entertaining, engaging, and one of a kind.

If you want to know more, check out our blogs!

How do I stay successful and keep my Followers happy?

As a Creator, one of the biggest perks is the opportunity to craft your own content and generate a loyal following. But when you’re trying to stand out, you need to take the time to do some research to stay successful.

Time is money. Posting your content at random may be the simple option, but it’s not going to give you the results you’re looking for. If you want to convert your traffic, drive sales, and find new Followers, you must organize your content, determine the best way and time to post it, and analyze the results.

So keep the content coming to keep your Followers happy. Be creative, be YOU!

How can I migrate my content from OnlyFans?

After moving into a new home (aka F2F, your safe space) the last thing you want to do place all your old stuff in boxes and move everything from your old house and into your new mansion. Thankfully, we do all the heavy lifting for you!

We make moving all your content from OnlyFans easy, simple, and free. Create a trial link of your OnlyFans account and share this link and your OF username on this form. All your posts (with photos, videos, descriptions and likes) will be automagically imported by us and saved as draft posts, for you to review and share to all your Followers on F2F.

How does the referral program work?

Not only is F2F an amazing platform for content Creators, we will also pay you to refer other Creators and influencers to join!

Follow these easy referral steps and you can start earning!

  1. Login to your F2F account
  2. Find your profile tab, and then click on 'Referrals'
  3. Receive your referral code
  4. SHARE – you earn money (4% of their payout) for every new Creator who signs up using your link!
  5. UNIQUE - you will also earn money (1% of their payout) of Creators that these Creators refer!

Start referring influencers to F2F today and grow the F2F Creator community!
Please note that you will receive a referral bonus for the first 12 months a creator is active on F2F.

How do I become a Creator and start earning?

Becoming a Creator is easy and fun. We care deeply about our Creators and want to support you in every way we can.

Since money is involved (and we hope you will earn lots!) there are certain rules and regulations that apply. In order to make sure you're who you say you're and the money goes into your bank account, you will be guided through a 'know your customer' process where you have to provide a legal identification document (passport, driver's license, and other valid IDs), a selfie/liveness check to ensure your face matches the documents, and a scan/photo of a bank statement so we know who and where we must send your earnings. Of course we will keep this data strictly confidential.

Currently we have payout options available for people living in the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and the UK.

If you live in a different country, you are still more than welcome to become a creator, but at the moment we cannot payout to your bank account. We will, however, keep your money in escrow (this means it is your money, not ours!). We expect to be able to pay out to your country from March.

To join, start by creating an account on F2F. After creating your general account, click on 'Become a Creator' to enrol.

We are working very hard to open up to other countries as well. Please join our waiting list and be the first to know the moment we open to the rest of the world.

How do plans and pricing work?

You can easily make and manage your own subscription plans.

The price per plan is the total amount for the whole period. So if you have a price of 120 euros for a yearly subscription, your Follower pays a total amount of 120 euros (plus VAT) and gain access to your content for 12 months.

Usually it works best to offer multiple plans where a longer period gives an extra discount, for instance: if you want to charge 20 euro for a month you could give a month free if a fan subscribes for half a year, so six month for the price of five, or 100 euros in stead of 120 euros.

We will add the VAT, based on the location of your Follower, to the end price for your Follower. We will take care of the payout of the VAT to the various appropriate local tax authorities.

I have a question about pay-outs

Your earnings are a combination of Followers who have paid through one of your payment plans, your pay-per-view content, tips from Followers and non-Followers and, if applicable, referral bonuses. We add the appropriate VAT (Value Added Tax) to all these earnings. Our 18% platform fee is subtracted from your earnings before payout.

You can find an overview of your earnings on your statistics and earnings page.

Due to potential return charge requests by Followers or fraudulent transactions we will retain a percentage of your earnings as buffer. This percentage depends upon the payment methods used and other factors.

We will use the IBAN number that you have registered during the onboarding to send monthly earnings.

A payout threshold might be in place.

Other payout options will be added in the future, fees might apply.

What to do if my content has been leaked/published elsewhere?

If your content has been published on F2F by another Creator, please follow our procedure for notice and takedown.

If your content has been published on other platforms it's best to contact that platform directly. They should have a notice and takedown procedure in place as well.

To contact our support staff, click on the (?) HELP widget in the bottom right corner to send us a message.

How do I upload new content and create a post

Uploading new content and creating a post is simple and easy.

Start by uploading your content (photos and videos) by clicking on the 'Upload media' button. Just drag and drop your photos and videos or click to add one or more files. After uploading, the files will receive a watermark (to protect your copyright).

After uploading, all these files are available in your media library by clicking on the 'Create post' button.

To create a new post, simply click on the photos and videos you want to add to the post (from one to six items per post) to select and the clicking on 'Next' in the top right corner.

Now that you've created a draft post, it's time to manage who can see what and what your Followers will have to pay. Remember: On F2F all your posts can be on one profile, it's a mix of free-for-all, only-for-paying-Followers or pay per view, either for everyone or just for your paying Followers. This mix ensures that you can tease your Followers and Friends alike an make the most out of every post.

Set pricing and visibility

Click on edit content and pricing to manage who can see what, and if a media item is free or paid. To change the visbility and pricing, click one or more pictures and then choose one of the following options:

Free: Selected content is visible for everyone.

Exclusive for Followers: Selected content is visible for fans only.

Only non-Followers must pay: Selected content is also visible for non-Followers, but they must pay

Paid for everyone: Both Followers and non-Followers must pay.

VIP post: Only paid available for Followers.

You can specify the amount (in euros) if it's a pay-per-view post

Edit description

Click on 'Edit description' in the menu or on the '+' to add a description to your post. Creativity is key, intrigue your fans. If your description is dull, how can they expect your content to be interesting?

Edit tags

Hashtags are the best way for your Followers to instantly see what you're about to show them. They are also great to attract new Followers and Friends on F2F. Use relevant and specific hashtags for optimal effect.

Schedule post

Scheduling a post helps you to make the most out of it. Are your Followers early birds, but do they prefer seeing you in the dark? Schedule the post on the night before for 8:00 in the morning. Going on holiday, but don't want to keep your fans waiting? Schedule everything in advance for specific dates and times and let F2F do the magic.

Delete post

Not happy with a post? Simply delete it. But think twice as a once deleted post will be deleted for good.

Manage draft posts

If you go to your profile (click on your avatar and on your profile name) you (and only you) can also see all your draft posts. Click on a draft post to review and post it. Click on the three dots to change the visibility and pricing per content item, the description, the tags, to schedule it to appear on a certain date and time or to delete the post.