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Top Creator Tips: Online Marketing Campaigns

A quick guide on how to mass promote your F2F page to new Fans and Followers

For every Creator, there comes a moment when they start asking themselves: “How can I get more Fans and Followers?” As every top Creator at F2F will tell you, a large and loyal following doesn’t happen overnight. Actually, it takes just a little bit of work to keep a page going. Getting fresh eyes on your content is best done through an online marketing campaign. Don’t panic, it’s not as difficult as it may sound, plus, we have some great tips to get you going in the right direction.

What is an online marketing campaign? Every successful brand has a strategy to attract new customers. It’s not so different for content Creators at F2F and even if you’re making totally hot content, if no one knows about it, what’s the point? In order to make money, a plan on how to draw new Followers to your page needs to be formulated. A marketing campaign is that plan in action and powered by the energy to reach a particular following goal.

The Goal. Before a plan can be made, a Creator must have a realistic idea of what they want to achieve. Do they want to attract more male Followers, do they want more Fans to subscribe to their page, and what about numbers? 10, 50, 100? A realistic goal will help guide you to the type of campaign you want to run. Let’s say you reach out to 100 people on Instagram with some juicy teases, how many do you want to visit your page? How many do you expect to subscribe? Having real numbers in mind beforehand rather than the results after the fact will allow you to see what actions work to meet your goals and how to adjust the campaign to what is more successful.

The Right Audience. We’ve talked about finding the right audience before (link), but it is an essential element to every successful marketing campaign. Promoting your content to the wrong people won’t lead to sales and will end up being a waste of your time. Think about what social media platforms are best to post teaser content and to DM followers.

Promote Promote Promote. Once you’ve set a realistic goal and have identified who you want to reach, then it’s time to start marketing yourself to the world. There are many different avenues to take. For some social media is enough, but other Creators choose to use email blasts and the F2F Messaging Feature, just depends on what suits your audience and the type of promotion you are running. Let’s say you want to funnel your large IG following to F2F, then it would be best to focus your energy there, but running a sale on monthly subscriptions might work best with DMing your most loyal Followers and getting them to upgrade to fully fledged Fan. Concentrate your time and energy on an action that is most likely to succeed.

Results. At F2F, we're proud to say we're fully transparent with our Creators when it comes to numbers. It’s important for our Creators to know how many Followers are visiting their page and how many Fans subscriptions they gain and lose. Each month, Creators can see firsthand how successful their marketing campaigns have been by a quick look at their numbers. If a campaign wasn’t a success, just remember that it was an opportunity to learn. More knowledge and information will help you improve your next online marketing campaign!

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