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Top Creator Tip: Get to Know Your Followers!

Three tips on how to better understand your audience to create better content

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been creating for a while, there comes a moment when it may become difficult to attract new Followers. The worst thing that happens is when subscriptions go down and page visits flatline and you’re left asking – what did I do wrong? No need to worry, here at F2F we want to help you with a little advice on understanding your Followers from our top Creators.

Know your Followers. The best thing that any Creator can do is have a clear overview of who is following their page. Another thing that every successful Creators knows – what it is about their page that Fans like enough to pay for exclusive content. A major mistake is making content that isn’t appealing to the type of Follower that you’re seeking, or making content that isn’t ultimately intended for the people who are already following you. A good example would be a guy making content for straight women, but actually his whole Follower base is gay men. See how that could become an issue?

Do your research. Finding out the basic information about your base is a great first step. Learn where your Followers and Fans are from, their ages, their interests, and don’t hesitate to use the messaging feature to ask your loyal following what they like the most about your content and what they would like to see you create. Understand what your fanbase’s needs are and create content that fulfills their desires.

Build emotional connections. Let’s talk more about that messaging feature. Communicating with your Fans on a personal level is a great way to make them feel connected to you. By building those relationships into a sense of community opens the up an opportunity for more Followers to join in on all the fun. With a solid following behind you, it makes for a well of inspiration that is guided by what people like most about you.

Finding out who you audience is or who you want your audience to become is the best way to boost your page, and to develop a special point of view to your content that only you can create. Getting to know your audience and want they want to see will only help in your journey in becoming a top Creator at F2F.

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