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New Feature Alert: the Badge

F2F is rapidly growing, that’s good news and today, we’ve launched a highly requested feature, which we like to call ‘the Badge'.

Naturally, Creators already know that when joining the platform, there is a strict identification process, that’s so we know that no one is pretending to be someone they are not. This so-called KYC Know Your Customer process is in place to make sure that Fans and Followers are certain that the Creators they love are in fact who they say they are. Therefore, we also have a manual check-up after the initial verification. We can only do this verification when a Creator has uploaded plenty of content.

Once we have manually verified a Creator, we feel it's important that the world knows the Creator is the real deal. From today on, we will now show a verified badge behind a Creator’s name on their profile, in the Messenger, and when commenting on posts. This way, Fans and Followers will know they can trust each and every Creator.

The badges are available in three different colors: purple, light blue, and a light blue family badge.

Purple badge
This badge is for every Creator that has been successfully onboarded, manually verified and is actively uploading content.

Light blue badge
Our VIP badge. Creators can apply for this badge if they are either a celebrity, a notable person (someone who has authority in their field and/or niche) and/or has a huge following on any social media platform (150k+). We do expect our VIP Creators to be active on our platform (at least three posts per week) and to mention F2F on all of their socials. Not only does this badge show Fans and Followers that a Creator is who they say they are, so to say, very important, but it also unlocks access to our dedicated Creator Success Managers. To apply, mail to creators@f2f.net.

Light blue family badge
This is an extra exclusive badge. It's a badge that's available to the Creators who are the most involved with the platform, such as our marvelous ambassador @lisacatherina.

Sign-up today and start reaping the rewards these exclusive badges offer!

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