F2F Team

Keeping F2F Secure

All the reasons why you can trust F2F with keeping your data safe.

At F2F, our top priority is keeping your data protected. Our platform has been constructed from the ground up in order to ensure that your privacy is always secure. That’s a promise.

For over twenty years, the company responsible for F2F has been in the business of Internet security. They act as online security guards for numerous government and corporate organizations and monitor other high traffic platforms with hundreds of thousands of users. It’s not their first time (nor the second or third or fourth…) working with messaging and media sharing features, so they know how to keep information locked away, no need to worry about any leaks.

F2F has got your back when it comes to safeguarding all personal and financial information. We have employed an incredible team of what we call “ethical hackers” who constantly watch over the webapp. With all their knowledge on how to find holes in the system, they do an incredible job ensuring no one will be able to break in. Furthermore, F2F is hosted on world class technology that comes from the masterminds at Amazon Web Services, which by the way, hosts some of the biggest sites on the Internet. We also utilize bank-level security standards when it comes to protecting our users’ payments. Let’s just say, we value security.

As we continue to develop F2F into the biggest and best content sharing platform online, we will always test and retest new features to ensure their speed and security. It’s not just new features that we will continue to monitor, but we will also continue using an air tight system that screens every Creator. When they open an account, when they upload content, and when payment is due. We work with only the best and most trustworthy companies for every transaction and perform reliable identity screenings, so we all know that nobody is catfishing.

Just remember – F2F is constantly monitoring and improving security for Creators and Followers alike. Rest assured, your identity and your payments are safe with us!

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