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Tips on improving social media accounts to gain followers

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Instagram, Twitter, TikTok… what else are we missing? For each of these social media platforms, there’s a whole world of rules that can make or break a Creator. It’s also no secret that social media is key to migrating traffic to your F2F page. That’s why we want to help you by offering some tips on improving how to use these sites.

Diversify. Don’t limit yourself to one social media. In order to access different kinds of potential Friends and Fans, you need to make a profile on each one that fits your needs. Not everything is universally translatable. Make a working plan on how to tailor your free content for each social media platform, and create content that will attract your following to your F2F.

Engage. With every post, you’re bound to receive lots of feedback, like the obvious likes, but also comments and DMs. Engaging with every follower and comment isn’t realistic, although the more you do the better, and for anything that you can consider constructive criticism (not from the trolls!), it’s super important to thoughtfully address the comments. Most of the time, any negative feedback can be fixed easily. This might mean improving communication, providing info to the F2F help desk, or answering key FAQs.

Don’t Alienate. Here at F2F, we believe our Creators should speak their minds when it comes to any sort of topic. But we also need to say that if you feel it’s important to rant on a particular political subject it may result in lost followers. If you don’t want an opinion to affect your cashflow, then consider the consequences that a risky post might have for your wallet before posting.

Learn. Everyone makes mistakes, and the most successful people are the ones who are able to take a step back and learn from missteps. If you’ve committed any social media faux pas and are now taking the brunt of your followers’ negative reactions, hit pause and reflect on how you can fix the situation. Don’t be afraid to apologize, be sensitive to how your followers may feel, and when in doubt take a neutral position. Most of all, if you aren’t aware of how something might be offensive, do research, ask questions, and learn.

Act Natural. No one likes a sales pitch. They never come off as human and don’t do much to show off your personality, except making you come off as greedy. The content you post on social media should sell itself. Make posts that naturally show off what you’re selling without spelling it – now that’s the classiest approach to attracting Followers to your F2F page.

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