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How to Drive Your Instagram Following to F2F

Tips on how to attract your Instagram Followers to your F2F page

Instagram is just one of the many social media platforms that you can use to connect with Followers and gain a whole lot of new Fans. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy just to have a profile and then the fanbase follows, but in reality, it takes some skill to successfully use the site to attract IG followers to F2F.

Thankfully, we have some amazing Creators who want to share the best methods to make sure that Instagram is just the first stop on a short journey to your F2F page. Here are some tips from our Top Creators:

Link in Bio. The first tip is the easiest. Place your personalized F2F link in your bio to show to your IG followers where they can find you. Utilizing a linktree is also a great way to connect all your socials together and to promote your page across all the platforms where you have a profile.

Call to action. Reach out to your followers on Instagram with DMs that get them excited and incite some interest in your F2F page. Messages that communicate that you have an exclusive page on another site, something that will entice a Follower to jump from one social media platform to another. “Check out my F2F for uncensored content ;)” Call to action messages cost nothing, but a few minutes and can lead a Follower towards becoming an exclusive Fan.

Story with a link. Stories are a fun way to keep your followers on Instagram connected with what you are doing in the moment. They only last twenty-four hours and it is proven that the more stories you post, the more engaged your audience is with your page. Whenever you post a sneak peek or teaser as a story, include a link to your F2F page that tells yours IG followers exactly where they can see much much more.

Collaborate. A lot of amazing F2F Creators can also be found on Instagram. Who doesn’t have an IG profile these days? By working with other content Creators, it allows you to make amazing new connections with their community and acts as a cross promotion for every person involved.

Teaser with a link. If you’re more of a post person or you’re a fan of stories, there’s always time to give your followers a tease that will be asking them where they can see more. Set up a small shoot of five photos. The first is neutral and cute. For the second, turn up the heat with showing some skin, third photo strip down even more. For the fourth, push it to the edge of IG acceptable. And finally, for the fifth photo, blur it out completely, leaving your followers asking where they can see the whole damn thing. Leave the link to your F2F page and see your IG followers become your Fans on F2F.

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