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How to Deal with Negative Reactions

F2F offers Creators a platform to upload whatever content that they wish to show their Friends. We fully understand that much of this content is explicit in nature and fully respect sex work, and the sex workers who have found a home on F2F...

Unfortunately, our society is not always as accepting and tolerant of the hard work of Creators, but we have some tips on how to react and respond to negativity.

Be in Control. The first thing to remember is that knowledge is power. With the understanding and acceptance of your work comes the self-assurance and confidence to stand against anyone who might have anything negative to say. When you are proud of what you do and the experiences you offer Friends, then anything that people might say otherwise becomes irrelevant. You have joined F2F to create and inspire Friends and make money while you do it. When you know yourself and why you do what you do, no one can tell you otherwise.

Be Empowered. F2F wants Creators who have made the conscious choice to create and upload content for all their Friends to see. Besides the opportunity to earn money on your own terms, F2F wants to inspire every Creator to not be afraid to show their body or their personal life to Friends. There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about your work and know that a community of like-minded individuals support you. When you feel supported and understood, you’ll find no need to explain yourself to the naysayers.

Have Self-Respect. Most often, the people who are the loudest in their judgment are those who are scared of themselves. It can be intimidating for someone with low self-esteem or who has a lack of body confidence to see another person who is comfortable in their own skin. No one should have to apologize for showing their body and other personal aspects of their life, especially when they are doing so out of a desire to share, make deeper connections, and inspire Friends.

No matter, at the end of the day remember – F2F has got your back. Haters say what?

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