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How to create a post

Uploading new content and creating a post is simple and easy.

Start by uploading your content (photos and videos) by clicking on the 'Upload media' button. Just drag and drop your photos and videos or click to add one or more files. After uploading, the files will receive a watermark (to protect your copyright).

After uploading, all these files are available in your media library by clicking on the 'Create post' button.

To create a new post, simply click on the photos and videos you want to add to the post (from one to six items per post) to select and the clicking on 'Next' in the top right corner.

Now that you've created a draft post, it's time to manage who can see what and what your Followers will have to pay. Remember: On F2F all your posts can be on one profile, it's a mix of free-for-all, only-for-paying-Followers or pay per view, either for everyone or just for your paying Followers. This mix ensures that you can tease your Followers and Friends alike an make the most out of every post.

Set pricing and visibility

Click on edit content and pricing to manage who can see what, and if a media item is free or paid. To change the visbility and pricing, click one or more pictures and then choose one of the following options:

Free: Selected content is visible for everyone.

Exclusive for Followers: Selected content is visible for fans only.

Only non-Followers must pay: Selected content is also visible for non-Followers, but they must pay

Paid for everyone: Both Followers and non-Followers must pay.

VIP post: Only paid available for Followers.

You can specify the amount (in euros) if it's a pay-per-view post

Edit description

Click on 'Edit description' in the menu or on the '+' to add a description to your post. Creativity is key, intrigue your fans. If your description is dull, how can they expect your content to be interesting?

Edit tags

Hashtags are the best way for your Followers to instantly see what you're about to show them. They are also great to attract new Followers and Friends on F2F. Use relevant and specific hashtags for optimal effect.

Schedule post

Scheduling a post helps you to make the most out of it. Are your Followers early birds, but do they prefer seeing you in the dark? Schedule the post on the night before for 8:00 in the morning. Going on holiday, but don't want to keep your fans waiting? Schedule everything in advance for specific dates and times and let F2F do the magic.

Delete post

Not happy with a post? Simply delete it. But think twice as a once deleted post will be deleted for good.

Manage draft posts

If you go to your profile (click on your avatar and on your profile name) you (and only you) can also see all your draft posts. Click on a draft post to review and post it. Click on the three dots to change the visibility and pricing per content item, the description, the tags, to schedule it to appear on a certain date and time or to delete the post.

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