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How to Be a More Ethical Creator

Simple ways Creators can make their content production more ethical

All of us at F2F agree – our Creators are amazing. They’re an intelligent group of business people who own and profit from their content. From this powerful position, Creators have the ability to make their content more mindful of the world and to protect themselves and others from abuse, which is why we want to inform every Creator how they can make their page even more ethical.

Book Ethically.
We all get requests to collaborate and whether this is done through a formal email or casually with a DM, make what you are looking to create, and how you wish to do it crystal clear. At F2F we encourage all Creators to work together with others across the platform, but we also believe it’s essential to fully communicate and plan what is to be accomplished in a scene, what activities are a no-go, and to detail what each Creator’s responsibilities are in the collab. From the first message to the last and all throughout filming, consent, be it verbal or written, must be priority number one.

Distribute Ethically. Beyond the production of a collaboration video, it is absolutely crucial that every Creator involved has a clear understanding of the details for the post. This includes and is not limited to the pricing, how and who will post and with an understanding that everyone involved owns the content. Remember – this is a business. Fully communicate minimum prices for selling content, and the details of the clip’s release.

Market Ethically. Descriptions of posts are almost as important as the content. Not every Follower is going to click on a post just because the thumbnail is sexy. When describing content, it is important to use respectful language, especially when discussing sexuality, race, body size, gender identity and definitely do not use derogatory language.

Sign a Contract. Creators are business people and at F2F we love that fact. Before collaborating with any other Creator, make sure to treat the partnership as a business deal. In order to protect everyone involved, including yourself, detail all the aspects of the shoot, and all those points above in a contract. Not only do legal contracts professionalize your passion, but will ensure that no stone is left unturned.Remember: Consent, respect, and open communication are the foundation to your success as an ethical Creator.

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