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How far is too far- Creator Edition?

Not sure how explicit to make your page? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before posting.

Not sure how explicit to make your page? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before posting.

...It’s the same with dating, usually a nude photo or a sexy video is the next step in turning up the heat for a partner, and Creators can view their F2F page in a similar light. It’s up to you how high you’d like to turn the heat up on your page.

Know Yourself. The first step is defining your own limits and how explicit you wish to go. The number one question to ask yourself is – what am I comfortable creating? Being relaxed in your own skin is the best way to make genuine connections with your Followers and this positivity will reflect in your content. It is your page and you have the right to make clear boundaries between what you will show and what you will not show. At F2F we believe in the power of giving users the choice to decide what they do on their own.

Know Your Followers. F2F is about making connections and building a community of Creators and Followers. When deciding what kind of content you wish to upload, it’s also important to ask – what do my Followers want to see? It isn’t just physical attraction that draws Followers to your page, but also about the connections they make with you as an individual and performer. Your Followers like you for YOU, so don’t change yourself. F2F isn’t only about delivering explicit content, but about creating a fantasy that draws in Followers and keeps them entertained. Knowing who your Followers are and what they're looking for can be a great guide in determining what kind of content you will create.

Stand by Your Decision. Whatever you choose to upload in the end, make sure that it is a decision that you will not regret. Before clicking the upload button, ask yourself – will I be happy seeing this content online in ten days, or in ten years? Understanding the longevity of your curated content is important to consider when joining F2F as a Creator. For as long as you have your creations on your page, Followers will be able to view and interact with them. But, rest assured, you can always delete your posts when you no longer wish to show them.

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