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Hey new Creators, Don’t Give Up!

Top Creators motivate new Creators with inspiring words of advice

At F2F, we pride ourselves with the knowledge that we have some of the hottest Creators on the Internet. And it’s no secret that some of our Top Creators are making upwards to five figures a month from subscriptions alone. But they are professionals, and have put in the time and energy to be more than just a cute face and hot body, they have made content creation their full-time job, and to be successful in this line of work sometimes requires overtime.

At the moment, F2F is home to over 1500 individual Creators. This is a huge milestone that should be celebrated. Each day, 10-20 people are signing up as Creators on F2F, which has made the explore page one exciting place, where all likes, kinks, and desires can be found with a single swipe.

With all this competition, not only on F2F, but from the range of other sites on the Internet, it can feel a bit intimidating, especially if Followers and Fans aren’t adding up. This is especially so for all those new Creators, who are still just getting their feet planted on the ground and wrapping their heads around this whole business.

We have one thing to say: Hey new Creators, Don’t Give Up! We see you and we want you to succeed. Whether content creation is a hobby, a side business or your career, we believe that F2F is a space for all types of entrepreneurs who want to earn money and get paid for their hard work.

And it is work to keep Fans engaged. The best way to do this is to keep creating content. The more your upload and share with your following, the happier your fanbase will be. At first, it may feel like you are working too hard for no pay out, but it’s always difficult in the beginning. You are in a special position where the only route is upwards, and if you’re just starting out, you have nothing to lose. Create, have fun, and soon you will see your fanbase growing. The best thing to do is keep up the hard work, and treat content creation with as much respect as you would any other job. The main difference, is at F2F you’re your own boss, and you are in charge of your own success. Keep it up, we believe in you.

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