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Tips on cleaning up an F2F page that will increase traffic and subscriptions

We all need refreshment. Our houses get cleaned in the spring, and your F2F page gets freshened up as you make more and more content. For every Top Creator, there comes a moment when older, less exciting content has to get tossed to the curb in order to open up the possibility for new Followers and more Fan subscriptions. Haven’t updated your content recently? Well, no time is better than the present to clean up your page!

Overview. Over the course of a few months as a Creator on F2F, you will notice that your videos and photos begin to pile up. This is a good thing, you’re working hard and creating. Having too much or not enough good stuff, might also become apparent after giving a good look through everything. Take the time to see what content sells and garners attention and what doesn’t. This is a good way to learn what your Followers and Fans like and what you should be doing more of. Make a note of the goods and delete the stinkers.

Refresh. Once you’ve gotten rid of the content that is weighing down your page, take a moment to look at all those little things you might not be updating frequently, or at all. Maybe your bio line needs rewriting, or some links that you’ve provided lead nowhere, or you’d like to make a new profile photo. A fresh, updated look is a great way to show Followers and Fans that you care about your page, and that you are consistently updating, so they know they are getting a lot for their money.

Content Drop. Now that your page is all light and clean, it’s time to make content that is updated and more aligned with this fresh look. Bring this same refreshed energy into the photos you take the videos you make, and apply what you learned from all those duds you threw out.

Your F2F page deserves a little upkeep and doing so will make sure that your page has true potential for growth in your fanbase and income. Now get cleaning!

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