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Heads-up: Flexible pay-outs

Hey Creators! Have we got news for you? We know you don’t play when it comes to your money, so let us show you we don’t either!

Everyone claims to be transparent, yet when it comes to money, many platforms hide behind big words and complicated jargon to make you vulnerable. Not us! When it comes to your payouts. You are in control.

We’re all playing for the same team, so let us be as open and transparent as possible to make you as much money as possible and get it to you when it works for you!

We have a standard monthly payout around the 7th of each month. However, you don’t blindly have to accept that. It is your money, so you decide when you want it! We understand that you might have had bad experiences with payouts from other platforms, and to ensure that does not happen here, we are putting the power in your hand! Keeping our Creators happy is in everyone’s best interest. So, to stay in line with our motto ‘for Creators, by Creators, we are making life easier with our ‘Flexible Payouts’. You get to decide when and how you get paid. You can withdraw your earnings at any time you choose. If you don’t want it, you can also let it build up and schedule a payout whenever you choose! 

The revenue you can withdraw your available balance from all earnings up to one week prior. 

Your payouts can be weekly, a bulk single, or monthly like before. And you decide how much to transfer to your Thbank account and how much of it stays in your F2F account.

After that, you get the decide how you get paid.

So, there you have it. This was us being as transparent, open, and safe about your money. We are always looking for ways to improve F2F for our creators and we hope this does just that!

Hit us up if there are any questions!

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