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Discounts and trials, how does it work

How to use discounts and trials

As a Creator, you sometimes feel the generosity to supply discounts to your followers. Or even better, provide them with a free trial link. Well, since today you can!🎉🥳

Public discounts!
With a simple click, you can create new profile discounts that apply to all your followers. You can also schedule your discounts, set an end date for a discount or limit the discount to a specific amount of users. Of course, we show you which discount currently is active and how many people are enjoying your discount.


New! Personal discounts
It’s now also possible to create personal discounts. This means that you can create a unique link that you can provide to a specific person(s). Only people with this specific link will get the unique discount that you’ve set for them.

This means that you can for example create a one month discount for twenty percent that’s applicable for everyone on your profile, but also a very unique thirty percent discount that you can send out to others.


Trial links
Last but most certainly not least you can create trial links. You can both decide how many people can apply for this trial and/or set an end date. Furthermore, we have decided that sometimes you wish to give someone access to all your content, but sometimes it’s wise to leave your upcoming fans wishing for more. When creating the trial, you can decide if the trial unlocks all your fan content or only for the past month or past two months!

Check out the hot discount & trials feature today! O, and hang in there. We are very close to releasing automated campaigns, in which these discounts and trials can be automatically sent to your fans, followers and previous fans and followers.


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