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Cam Model Protection

One of the biggest risks and obstacles of working in this sector and putting yourself out there as a Creator are thieves, hackers and jerks trying to steal your content.

F2F recently joined forces with the Dutch company Cam Model Protection to offer Creators as much protection as possible. And no, as the company's name might suggest, they do not only offer services for camboys or -girls. CMP has been working since 2014 to help out content creators when their photos and videos are illegally distributed, for example. Read along for a little introduction roundup.

Cam Model Who?

Cam Model Protection, that is. This Dutch company has clients spread across 42 different countries and operates from within 6 countries, with headquarters based in the Netherlands. Their main task? Content removal and identity protection. Or to put it simply: is some jerk spreading the photos and videos that your lovely fans paid for and distributing them completely illegally across the Internet? Then you've come to the right place at CMP. Is someone impersonating you, including misusing your images? Yup, Cam Model Protection is here to save the day.

Ah, so you show up when things go sideways?

Well, not quite, prevention is of course better than finding a cure. That's why CMP offers several services, created especially for F2F. There are two types of subscriptions for all types of creators.

And what do these subscriptions entail?

With our own developed software and well-trained investigators who manually detect and remove all illegally distributed content for you. So with a subscription to CMP you automatically increase your income as a Creator, because your unique, paid content will not be available for free on illegal websites (anymore).

That sounds perfect...

Right? Besides, of course, it also takes a lot of stress away knowing that other people are not making money from your content. Because hello, come on: your body, your hard work, your creativity and your content.

What else should I know about this subscription?

Included in our service, for example, is 24/7 live support. Our Support team works in shifts in three different time zones. So we are always available to our members and have an average response time of 10 minutes on all support related questions.

How much will that cost me?

Creators under the income limit of 1000 euros per month pay 70 euros per month (excluding VAT). Creators who earn more than 1000 euros per month from their F2F work pay 175 euros per month.


What does one get for that?

For 70 euros, you get the 24/7 support we mentioned above, automatic monitoring, manual monitoring, 0.5 agent hours per week and a weekly report. If you want to remove content from a search engine, that's possible but on demand.

The 175 euro subscription already includes that search engine removal, you get 1 agent hour per week and this subscription also includes social media removal.

Are you the only business offering a service like this?

Well when it comes to the way we work, yes. We do everything manually, performed by trained investigators. So that way we also get access to your stolen content that is then put illegally behind someone else’s paywall. That's something automated services can't do.

And what’s the score?

In total, we are sitting on more than 15 million deleted items per year.

You guys obviously aren't joking. But, once something intimate of yours floats around the Internet, it’s a lost cause most of the time, right?

There are indeed, unfortunately, well-known websites and platforms that do not cooperate in the removal process, in those cases we make sure at all times that that content is at least no longer findable in search engines like Google.

In addition, we have a dedicated and motivated team of ethical hackers. They really focus on websites that are known to be uncooperative in removing illegal content. The idea is to get them on board through various skills anyway, with the eventual goal of cooperation in the removal process.

Okay but why are you guys even doing this?

We thoroughly hate piracy and theft!

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