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Advice on Making Solo Videos

Helpful tips and hints on how to make amazing solo videos

Making quality content on your own can be a bit difficult, especially when just starting out.

To help you on your journey as a Creator at F2F, we have some advice on making the best solo videos that will keep your Followers coming back for more.

Be Confident. It’s natural to be nervous when first filming yourself. The first thing to do is find a sense of comfort once recording and to act as if you were making a revealing video for a crush or a significant other. If you feel sexy and confident then that energy will transfer to video. Just remember – if you feel good, then your Followers will also feel good watching.

Be Clutter Free. Before you start recording, find a location that is clean and doesn’t have objects or images that will distract your Followers. Take down posters, vacuum up the pet hair, hide the laundry in a closet. Keep the background plain or minimal and make sure that all the attention is focused on YOU. Also, think about the space where your camera is located and ensure that every shot isn’t blocked or out of focus.

Practice. Before you start a video, have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. If there are certain poses you’d like to show, then practice and see what they look like on camera. Perfecting what you are best at takes trial and error. Know what angle to hold the camera and learn how to record your body so you will always look as good as you feel.

Find Good Lighting. Knowing what lights, colors, and tones work for you is essential in making the best solo videos. Defining the mood for your video is important before you start filming. Bright lights are great for detail, but darker effects will be more sensuous, while

candle light is seen as more romantic, and natural day light is the most casual. Find what works best for you, your body, and the kind of video you want to make.

Dress Right. Depending on the type of solo video you want to make, clothes may or may not be necessary. Strip tease, role pay, or just a sexy reveal. Whatever it may be, find the clothes that best match what kind of video you’re going for. Most of all, choose clothes that make you feel comfortable and sexy. And maybe it’s no clothes at all and that’s just fine.

Have Fun. What would be the point of making a solo video if it wasn’t fun to do? Getting

naked on camera can be strange at first, and that comes with a lot of awkward feelings. It’s

important to remember that you have all the control, especially when you’re filming yourself.

What your Followers like most of all is you! Don’t worry, you’ll look hot no matter what.

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