F2F Team

A More Inclusive F2F

F2F is working towards becoming the most inclusive fan engagement platform on the Internet!

At F2F, we aspire to be the best place for Creators and Followers alike to express themselves fully, find representation and visibility, and feel like an integral part of a diverse community. We recognize our need to grow and expand how users self-identify and the diversity of content that Followers can interact with on their feed. We want you to know that we are working on it.

When first signing up for F2F, we ask users to describe their gender and sexual preference between men, women, and a general ‘other’. Originally, we decided to use these three labels because it was the most efficient method to direct Followers to the Creators they are most interested in. The idea was centered on users not having to interact with content that is not of their taste. However, these traditional borders between individuals and their preferences are limiting, to say the least. Followers should be able to interact with and encounter all sorts of Creators and find exactly who or what kind of content they are looking for.

At the moment, an option to ask for more inclusive information is in development, such as giving users the ability to describe themselves in their own words. With more information comes better algorithms and better user experiences that will direct users to the content they want to see without confining their preferences into a small box.

Our goal is to make F2F the most inclusive fan engagement platform on the Internet. We acknowledge that every person has their own unique experiences, identities, and background and our site should reflect that. We are in constant contact with organisations and experts in this field to help us choose the right path. Our promise is to continue developing F2F to meet the needs of all forms of sexual and gender expression today, tomorrow, and in the future.

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