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Unlike other social media platforms, F2F welcomes all Creators and we happily host all content, no matter the genre. That's a promise.

Friends 2 follow is a safe and secure fan engagement platform, a place online where Creators of adult content and their Followers come to meet and interact.

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Not only is F2F an amazing platform for content Creators, we will also pay you to refer other Creators and influencers to join!

Follow these easy referral steps and you can start earning!

How to Start Referring Influencers

For Creators

If you’re already working with F2F, you can refer other influencers.

  1. Login to your F2F account https://f2f.com
  2. Find your profile tab, and then click on 'Referrals'
  3. Receive your referral code
  4. SHARE – you earn money for every new Creator who signs up using your link!

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Start referring influencers to F2F today and grow the F2F Creator community!

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