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Keep Your Fans Happy

Tips from F2F top Creators on how to retain subscriptions

So, you’ve been on F2F for a while now. You’re happy with the content you’ve been uploading and you’re gaining new Followers and Fans, but you’re still wondering – how do I keep my loyal Fans, and how can I keep them engaged and happy? Well, our Top Creators have just the advice you’re looking for.

Show Your Personality. From Instagram to YouTube, we all have content creators and influencers that we love to follow. But what is it that makes them stand out? Answer: a one-of-a-kind personality that is a reflection of their brand.

Our Advice: Tap into the characteristics that make you special and find the traits within yourself that make you stick out. Be consistent, and even if it’s a role you’ve made up for the cameras, have fun with it and make sure to be funny, sexy, and well, yourself.

Keep Uploading. It may seem like a no-brainer, but a stand-out characteristic of a successful Creator is consistently and frequently making new content. A fanbase needs to have a consistent stream of interesting content in order to remain engaged

Our Advice: It’s easy to keep a profile regularly updated. From keeping up a schedule and posting on time to developing storylines and series that your Followers can look forward to the next installment, there are endless ways to make sure that your page is home to the freshest content your fanbase is dying to see. Learn what your Fans and Followers are expecting from you and then go beyond just meeting their needs, make them want to keep coming back.

Switch Up Content. The number one way to bore your Fans and Followers is to post the same photos, videos, teasers, and all other sorts of content across all your social media accounts. Why follow you on everything if it’s just the same photo from one site to the next?

Our Advice: Think of each social media account you have, including F2F, as extensions of different parts of your personality. They are all one in the same, but each has a particular purpose. Make Instagram super visual and show a part of your personality that is about what you see and do in the everyday. Twitter can be a place where you post those teasers and maybe some more racy content and F2F is where the sexy magic happens. If you tap into the ideal use of each account, you’ll find that your fanbase will love to tap into all aspects of your personality.

Engage with Fans and Followers. What’s better than having the person you look up to, or even a celebrity like your comment on Instagram or slide into your DMs? It’s an exciting moment of feeling seen and if it’s a genuine interaction, then you’re more likely to want to keep following that person.

Our Advice: Treat your Fans and Followers like how you wish your idols would treat you. Like their comments and comment back when you can. It’s also great to utilize the messaging feature to keep your loyal fans engaged and connected. At F2F we’re a community, so treat your Fans and Followers like they’re your neighbors, but ones that think you’re hot AF.

Show Appreciation. Everyone loves feeling special. There is something really beautiful that comes with receiving a simple thank you note attached to a bouquet of flowers. It’s just one of those things that we when do receive it, it ignites a special feeling of being appreciated.

Our Advice: Show your Fans and Followers that you care about them. Give the VIP treatment to your loyal fanbase with a little thank you of your own. This can come with specialty promotions, exclusive content, and some one-on-one chats and shows that will make the most loyal in your fanbase want to stay forever.

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