Onlyfans Alternatives? New platforms to make more money in 2022

A list of alternatives from Onlyfans to Fancentro, F2F and JustFor.Fans and why we stand out
Team F2F  - January 1, 2022 - 3 min read

Have you heard of Fancentro, Loyalfans, Fansly, Fanvue, iFans, Okfans, Fanso, and of course: F2F?

Sure, OnlyFans might be the best-known platform out there that dabbles in adult content, but there are way more (and let’s be honest: better) options for you to look into as a Creator.


OnlyFans the Only One? Not anymore

There has been an enormous surge of content-sharing platforms across the Internet such as OnlyFans, F2F, FanCentro and But also lesser known websites such as Fanvue, iFans, Okfans, ManyVids and Fanso are storming the market. OnlyFans, in particular, rose to popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Content Creators across the globe were granted access to a huge audience and a steady cash flow when everyone was stuck at home - while you were baking artisanal breads they were ‘doing numbers’.

So, OnlyFans was booming. Unfortunately, the tech company suffered a huge PR nightmare in 2021 when they - very stupidly - decided to change their Terms of Service, to practically eliminate all adult content. OnlyFans has since back tracked on this move and will not follow through - finally realizing adult content is what made them popular in the first place. But their failed move says a lot about who they really value and more so: who they were taking for granted. And all of this was happening while OnlyFans was still happily charging a 20% commission.

Options, options, options

The world wide web wouldn’t be the world wide web if there wouldn’t be a tiny continuous tsunami of content-sharing platforms trying their best to pick up where OnlyFans left their creators hanging. Time for us to look at what Creators and Friends should keep in mind while scouring the field for the right place to show your goodies. Who can you trust to host your content and where to go for a safe transaction? With a plethora of options available, let’s take a look at the superior alternatives that are out there right now:

With all the platforms out there,, stands out by being the only platform that puts Creators first. Not only is F2F founded by top performing content Creators (Say hi to Levy, Sepanta and Lisa), but it also actively seeks to make the site work for Creators. Think: a better pay, more features, focus on discoverability, a great referral program and marketingtools to involve your other social accounts. With F2F content (Creator) is king.

Levy, Sepanta and Lisa impression

Unique features

  • For Creators, by Creators: A safe space that welcomes all (Adult) Premium Content Creators
  • More flexible ways to make money: Earn money with Fans, Pay Per Post, Pay per Message and more
  • Merely 18% commission, so 82% is for you!
  • Industry leading Streaming and Content security features
  • Explore feature – Get new fans directly from the huge existing F2F user-base who will see your teaser content
  • Easy to diversify your content for your Followers and paying fans
  • 1st picture free, 2nd is paid unless you’re a follower, 3rd is paid if you're a follower, 4th is paid if you’re a fan
  • Easy to use marketing tools to engage your Twitter. Instagram and TikTok followers with trials and discounts
  • A first in class 4+1% referral game: Make money from direct referrals but also referrals from your referrals, the earlier you start the more money you will make.


Just like and OnlyFans, Fancentro is a subscription-based content uploading platform that allows Fans to follow Creators and purchase content directly from them. They have numerous features that allow for direct communication between Friends and Creators. According to themselves new Creators sometimes do have trouble navigating their advanced admin system. One service that really stands out in a positive way, is their super special educational tutorial platform that gives new content Creators tips and hints on how to optimize their page, along with one-on-one coaching for that that need extra motivation. Fancentro seems to be a great option when you’re just starting out as a content creator and don’t have a following yet.


Like the above two platforms, allows Creators to upload their content for individual or subscription sales as well as directly communicate with Fans, receive tips and go live. One thing that stands out is the is extremely adult content friendly, as it is made with adult content Creators in mind. They also do their best to connect Creators with their performer dashboard, and have great customer service.

Although, one thing comparatively different is they only have a 70% payout rate sent out weekly instead of that whopping 82% you get at


OnlyFans is the most well-known premium content platform out there, it is also the oldest one. OnlyFans has millions of active users, worldwide. It’s secure, has a lot of features and monetization methods. But with great power comes great responsibility, more specifically towards your Creators. Creators that decide to post their content elsewhere mainly do so because of the drawbacks surrounding OnlyFans’ payout frequency, discoverability and the website interface. Besides that, there actually are alternatives like F2F where Creators simply get paid more for their hard work.

All those other options out there

FriendsOnly, Fanvue, iFans, Okfans, ManyVids and Fanso,, Loyalfans,, Modelhub, Fansly, AVNStars, AdmireMe, AdultNode, Unlockd - honestly there are so many websites out there trying to ride the adult content wave - there’ll be new ones popping up every day. And good for them. And you. But do keep in mind, when you are an aspiring adult content Creator you’re probably better off with one of the established names mentioned above. Think about cybersecurity, transactions, referral systems, discoverability features and payout rates. After figuring all of that out, always be mindful about the way your chosen platform interacts not only with Fans but more importantly: how they treat their Creators. Embrace your self worth, reach for the sky and please: get that cash.