The Freshest Features at F2F

A run-down of everything new coming to F2F
Team F2F  - February 25, 2022 - 3 min read

Right now, exciting new developments are happening at F2F. We’re a growing platform. That’s a good thing after all, it means more Creators, more Followers, and that’s right – a whole lot more content. The minds behind F2F have been hard at work to make the experience using the platform better for everyone, like improving and introducing useful features, like all the ones below.

NEW! Mass Messenger – This one is for Creators, and makes it a whole lot easier to send messages to all of your Followers and your very special Fans. This feature has a lot of versatility, like choosing between sending out messages to one group or both at once. No matter who you choose, this new feature makes reaching out to your base a piece of cake!

REFRESHED! Explore – This feature’s previous version showcased all Creators on a single page, but no more. Now, F2F has personally tailored this page specific to what you want to see. Each and every Follower will be able to pick what kind of bodies you are most attracted to. The process is simple – all you have to do is choose between two emoticons, like the cute little pussy cat and that thick delicious aubergine. Another addition to this feature is the option for Followers to choose if they want to block explicit content or not. F2F is a place for all kinds of Creators, and we want to make sure that our platform meets the needs of all their Followers.

EXTRA! Pay with USD – For all our American friends we have added a special feature that allows the Creators to choose between prices in the Euro and USD. This allows for Creators to choose between an automatic exchange rate to be listed on their page or to round prices in either currency.

COMING SOON! Notifications – Before you know it, F2F will be sending out personal messages to every Creator and Follower whenever someone likes a photo, makes a comment, or replies to a message. No longer will you need to go back and forth to see if that special Fan has commented, or return to a photo to see how many Followers have found it hot. All you’ll have to do is wait for the notifications to flood your page.