Sign-up for F2F? Yes, of course, why not?

Top reasons to Join F2F today
Team F2F  - April 20, 2022 - 5 min read

Are you ready for a new fan engagement platform? Are you ready to upgrade your online presence? Are you looking for some financial and creative freedom?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then F2F is the place for you!

So many hot and talented people are already on F2F. We currently have thousands of online Fans and Followers, and hundreds of Creators (that combined earn hundreds of thousands of euros every month!). F2F is the newest, freshest and most Creator-friendly fan engagement community online today, and here’s why.

Sign-up for FREE. F2F is totally free to sign-up, first as a Follower and, of your desire, it continues to be free when you upgrade your account to Creator. Do it right here (link). F2F will never charge you to swipe through all of our pages of beautiful Creators and it is totally up to you if you want to subscribe or purchase exclusive content.
Values Privacy. F2F is the safest and most protected fan engagement platform online today. The company behind F2F specializes in Internet security and has made protecting data and our users’ privacy, their number one objective. We mean business when it comes to protecting your financial security too, which is why we are hosted on world class technology that comes from the masterminds at Amazon Web Services. We also utilize bank-level security when it comes to your banking information.

Creators First. When it comes to ensuring Creators’ privacy, F2F does it right. In order to sign-up as a Creator at F2F, we ensure that all personal details are secured, and we also follow a strict verification procedure to make sure that each Creator is who they say they are. We guarantee that no catfishing or stolen identities are on F2F.

Open and Transparent. We promise to ensure that all communication with Followers, Fans, and Creators is open and transparent as possible. If any F2f user has questions, comments or concerns, we encourage them to write to us via our technical support (add email). Unlike other platforms, F2F will never block Creators or kick them off the platform without a dialogue beforehand and as long as Creators follow the rules and law, we will never censor their content.

Tons of Features. Unlike other sites, F2F has some of the best features for engaging with Creators and Followers. Our top feature is the explore page, which allows users to swipe through a wall of Creators that fit their interests. We also have an amazing messaging feature and when it comes to diversity or content, Creators are allowed to upload content that is both free and exclusive on the same profile.

Make Money. One of the best things about F2F is the opportunity for Creators to make money with their content. It’s also totally up to a Creator to choose what kind of profile they want to have, and mix and match free and paid content. No matter what you sell and how many subscriptions you get each month, we promise that you get to keep 80%.

If you’re interested in becoming a Follower or a Creator, or both, F2F is the place for you! It’s versatile, transparent, and flexible and has loads of features and opportunities to create content. If you’re looking for a fan engagement platform that prioritizes individuals and looks out for everyone in a community-like atmosphere, then F2F is the site for you.