New to F2F? This checklist is for you!

A must have list to help Creators start at F2F
Team F2F  - March 2, 2022 - 3 min read

Before anyone sets out on a new adventure, they must prepare for their journey. At F2F we believe that every Creator has the opportunity to make the most of their page and for all those just starting out, we want to help you set off on the right foot. Together with our top 1% Creators, we’ve compiled a list of musts to start a successful Creator profile.

  1. Choose your profile photo. At F2F every Creator is shown on the explore page for all Followers to see. Choose a photo that follows the guidelines (link) and is best at showing your personality.
  2. Create an introduction video. A short welcome will tell all your Followers who you are and what they can expect from your page.
  3. Drop your link across social media. Include your F2F link in your link.tree with all your other platform and pages. Copy your personal F2F link in your profiles on Twitter and Instagram and let your Followers know where they can find you and all of your content.
  4. Follow F2F on social media. Get on Instagram and Twitter and follow @F2Fnet and join the special F2F Creator community @F2Fcreators to get special news, advice, recommendations, and motivation from top Creators.
  5. Read the blog. The F2F blog (link) is the perfect resource to find all the info you need to get started off right, like how to make your page stand out , dealing with negative feedback and much much more. The blog is updated multiple times a week, so keep your eye out on the freshest hints, tips, and advice.
  6. Get technical help. At F2F we have made a platform that puts the Creator first. That is why we are transparent and always available to Creators when they have technical issues and need assistance. You can contact our support staff via the message button at the bottom right of the page.
  7. Have Fun. The number one rule to any journey is have fun along the way. At F2F we believe in the passion that our Creators have to entertain their Followers and Fans, and we assure you – if you’re having fun creating, your Followers are having fun as they interact with your page and invest in your content.