New: Streaming Videos on F2F

F2F launches a brand-new video streaming feature
Team F2F  - May 26, 2022 - 2 min read

As F2F keeps growing, major new developments are in the works. As the up-and-coming fan engagement platform, we’re constantly seeking to update and refresh our site to better meet the needs of our Creators and Fans. The minds behind F2F have been hard at work and will soon launch a one-of-a-kind video streaming service. As a user of F2F, you will be one of the first to experience this amazing feature.

When it comes to playing videos, the current industry standard for fan engagement platforms is downloading complete video files. It’s only after downloading (partly) that it can be played with an embedded video player. However, sites like YouTube or Vimeo utilize a streaming technology that makes watching videos so so so easy. And now at F2F, we’re doing the same.

One of the biggest advantages of video streaming is that your device will be able to determine the optimal quality to watch that is based on your network connection. So, let’s say you’re on the train or out in the countryside and your bandwidth is at a single bar. Previously, this would’ve made viewing a video near impossible, but no more! Now you’ll be able to watch the video of your choice, but at a lower quality.

Another benefit of this streaming feature is that you can start watching videos almost immediately. Once you hit play, the video will begin downloading and continue doing so as you watch. Also, the playback is not only instant, but we have made it much more stable. So again, we take out the waiting and no more endless buffering if you want to get to the best parts!

The last major plus of F2F’s new streaming feature is the power of choice. We give you the ability to pick from a variety of resolutions and video qualities that best meet your needs. At F2F, we believe our community has the right to determine what kind of viewing experience they want.

Check out the latest video stream feature today!