New and easier way to post on F2F

Our new postflow makes it even easier for you to post fresh content
Team F2F  - June 23, 2022 - 3 min read

A more intuitive flow that allows you to create and publish posts in a faster and less complex way. This enables you to focus more on creating content and engaging with fans.

First: click on the [+] on the bottom of your screen to upload new content (once again, press +) or choose content from your library to publish. Select one or more images or videos and click <next>.


Now you will see a preview of the post as it will be shown to your Fans and followers. Tap on the description to edit the description and tap on [+] to add or edit tags. If you click on the <PUBLISH> button you can edit content and pricing.

Edit content and pricing

Define the order and cover image by holding down the image and positioning it left or right. If you click on next you can set the pricing for each media item. Click on the thumbnail to change from free to paid. Click next to set the pricing.

  • Exclusive for fans: Only paying fans have access to your content.
  • Only non-fans must pay: This content is free for your paying fans but followers can access this specific content for a fee. You can set the price for access when you click.
  • Paid for everyone: Fans and Followers must pay, you can define how much Fans and Followers need to pay to access this content.
  • VIP Posts: These very special posts are only available to paying Fans, and even they have to pay to access this exclusive content.

If you click 'round foreign prices' the conversion from euros to dollars will be rounded into nicer looking prices (so $4.00 in stead of $4.11)

You can now either publish the post instantly or schedule it to be posted automatically at a date and time you prefer.