From Top Creators to Entrepreneurs – Q&A with Levy & Sep

A conversation with F2F founding Creators, Levy van Wilgen and Sepanta Arya
Team F2F  - March 1, 2022 - 5 min read

Levy van Wilgen is more than a handsome face and immaculate body. Actually, he’s just done what most Creators only dream out – founding their own fan engagement platform! He’s not alone in this venture, and along with his buddy Sepanta Arya, these two have joined forces to create F2F.

Sep and Levy are now responsible for attracting new Creators to F2F and making the platform better for Creators. They want to ensure that everyone who uses their platform is maximizing their potential, and just like them, exploring their passion to connect with Followers and Fans.

To get to know these two just a little better, we sat down with them for a quick Q&A.

Levy, how did you start out as a Creator?

L: Fitness and sports have always been my passion. I started as a fitness model and my posts quickly became shirtless photos. I noticed that in addition to my fitness advice, people were also interested in my looks and body, which was something new. My followers wanted to see more and I started uploading to another site. I really liked it and continued.

And Sep, did you have a similar background?
S: My passion is also sports, but I started more as an influencer on social media. I worked as a model, promoting products. I came across Levy in his early years as a content creator and started following him. But, I was still young (19). I needed to think about whether I wanted to take the next step or not. We ended up working together a lot and became good friends and now finally business partners.

You’ve both been top Creators for a while now, why is there a need for a new platform?
L: The time is right! When I started as a content creator, it was a really small and unknown world. In the five years since I started, I’ve grown into a top Creator and in recent years, paid content has become normalized. There is room for a new platform.
S: The world is ready for a platform that really listens to Creators. It doesn't matter if you’re big or small, your voice matters. We also want to help Creators grow. From the beginning, we promised ourselves that F2F is a fan engagement platform that listens to Creators. They’re part of the team and involved in the decision making.

What do you like more – creating your own platform or creating content?

L: Content creation is what we love to do. If you want to develop a platform, you need to have the experience of being on one. What I like is being part of my own success. We work around the clock, investing a lot of time with Creators. It’s a cliché, but everything made with love pays off.

S: I remember when I first started. Young and new in this business. I became successful by hard work and that wasn’t always easy. My intention is to develop a platform where new Creators feel heard and welcome. Most importantly, one that helps them grow and guides them. Also, I want it to be open to everyone, to be inclusive.

How do you define the success of your new platform?

S: When creators are happy, successful, and motivated. That gives me energy. Also, if I can help the small creator with a few followers grow to something bigger. We see content creation as a job, not always full-time, but it’s serious business. When our Creators succeed, I’m happy. That’s my definition of success.

L: Exactly! Also, to continue being available to Creators. No matter how fast we grow, I always want to listen to our Creators and to keep improving our platform.

What two pieces of advice can you give to someone who wants to become a Creator?

L: Be creative. Don’t be a copycat. Challenge yourself with your content.

S: Stand behind your choice. Take the time to make the decision to become a Creator. It’s online, people will have an opinion. Inform your friends and family, and be proud of what you do.

Now that you know more about them, check out their Creator pages to get a better look at their passion. As they say themselves, these studs aren’t all business, but they are sexy.