Free media transfers offers free and easy media transfers from other subscription based social media platforms
Team F2F  - January 17, 2022 - 3 min read is a subscription based social media platform made for adult content creators by adult content creators - so we know how much work it is to move from one platform to another. We also know that not all platforms treat you as they should treat you: One day you are the big star, the next they just cancel you: All your content gone, your fans gone and all your income gone. That is not how we roll. We are here for you. F2F is a safe space for you, your fans and your content. And in order for you to make the move to your new home even easier we offer a free and easy tool to copy the content of your OF profile (all pictures and videos, all posts with their likes) to your F2F account.

All you have to do is to create a temporary free link on your OF account, submit this link on our 'import post' page and we'll make sure all your content is safely transferred to our servers. Once it's there you can decide what to post and for whom to see it.

And remember: On F2F you don't need two separate profiles, just combine free posts for all to see with fan-only posts, pay per view posts or even vip-only posts that your fans have to pay extra for.