Creators vs. Followers: What’s the difference?

The difference between Creators and Followers explained.
Team F2F  - February 17, 2022 - 3 min read

F2F stands for Friends to Follow, but who exactly are the friends that you’re following?

When signing up for F2F, everyone is immediately designated as a ‘Follower’. These are the mostly anonymous users that are searching for original content. But whose content? Creators, of course! You know, the special few who find value in uploading all kinds of photos and videos for others to interact with. Creators are all the hot people whose profiles show up on the explore page when you sign in. F2F exists as the stage where Creators perform, but also as the stadium where Followers can sit back and enjoy the show.

What makes a Creator? Being in the public eye is not for everyone, but to become a Creator, you must enjoy attention. It’s not just about getting likes and comments, but more about being able to entertain and put on a show. Creators must be dedicated to showing a part of their lives for others to watch, and keep their content diverse, consistent, and most of all – sexy. Creators are people who know themselves, like themselves, and are proud of who they are, so much so, they want to share their whole personality with the world.

What makes a Follower? Not everyone likes to be in the spotlight. Some of us like to attend the party, but stick to the sidelines, around the food table, or just people watch from the couch. If this sounds more like you, then you might be better suited to become a Follower. If anything, Followers are just as important as Creators. They are the ones who decided what is interesting and who is the most entertaining. Followers are the ones who are looking for content and keeping F2F alive and full of energy.

Like bees to flowers, Creators and Followers rely on each other in the F2F community. But the question to ask yourself is – who are you? A Creator, a Follower, or both?