Bookmarks, pinned posts and more

another summer update with bookmarks, pinned posts and more is live now!
Team F2F  - August 11, 2022 - 2 min read


Did something special catch your eye? That one tempting video you want to rewatch...or all of them? We've got you covered: As a fan you can now bookmark/save a post, so you can easily find it via the menu ('saved/paid posts') to view again later.

Pinned posts

Creators can now pin a maximum of 3 posts, so these 3 posts will always be at the top of their own creator feed and grid on the profile page. Use this to promote your hottest content or to showcase something special. New Followers will see these posts first so make sure to show them what you've got so they become a Fan at once!

New Grid look

The look and feel of the grid has been refined to put more focus on the content, instead of busy texts and icons on the screen. Easy on the eyes, just like you!

For Creators this also means that you get an instant overview of what you earned per post. Great insights for you to see what works best with your Fans and Followers!

New Feed look

Posts in the feed have also had a slight upgrade. An icon has been added for bookmarking, the dots have been replaced by a better share menu, and the description of the post works a lot easier if there is lots of text. Instead of working with the arrow to the right of the description, you now click on the description, after which it becomes larger and you can scroll through it if it is longer.

Mass messages

As a Creator you can now only send a maximum of 3 mass messages per 24 hours, we have done this to protect our users against abuse & spam.